The Washington Center for Complexity & Public Policy helps individuals and organizations strengthen their strategic thinking & planning, foresight and early warning capabilities. As Thought Leaders, the work of the Center is based on the premise that insights from complex systems research—complexity science—provide a powerful new theory-driven framework for developing insight about the present and foresight about the future.

The Center’s work is focused at the intersection of strategic thinking & planning, futures research, intelligence analysis and public policy-making. It fulfills its mission in a variety of ways including briefings, customized presentations, research, training, facilitation, consulting and public programs. All of its programs are designed to promote complexity science literacy as well as the development and implementation of new approaches to public policy-making.

From its inception in early 2001 as a nonprofit organization, the Washington Center for Complexity & Public Policy has been unique in its application of complexity science to strategic thinking—across a wide range of topics from national security to health care and urban design—and its use of art and artistic media of all types to promote visual thinking and enhance learning.